Join our growing family of like-minded individuals to grow brands and create new solutions.

We’re Hiring!

At K Value, we shape our employees by exposing them to new technology, creative brainstorming and grooming ideas.  Some employees have moved on to build portfolio companies under K Value, fully realising their potential with assistance from our growing family. 

Self improvement to contribute more

We work with with clients of all sizes and industries to create amazing results. 

Collaborate, hang out and learn from passionate and idea driven individuals in the company. There are no right or wrong answers, you will work on different projects, different roles and try different roles to find your inner talent.

Create an impact for clients and be proud of your contributed work that have made business-changing impact for the wellbeing of a business and their employees.

Creative Problem Solvers

Solve problems in the ever-changing business landscape and take pride in shaping the landscape of the new economy. Discover, brainstorm and create new technology for businesses.

Embracing Change

We’re living in a world where technology changes faster than ever, we’re looking for resourceful people that can adapt and evolve concepts to technology-enabled solutions.


Project Manager

Connect the dots, meet clients and brainstorm on the next biggest idea. You’ll be working with everyone in the team to bring your idea to life.

Front End Developer

From physical to virtual, you’ll be working on an ever-changing environment and creating websites & apps for people to use and enjoy.

Graphic Designer

Assist the team and clients to create visual elements. Think of something creative? let’s make it happen.

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