K Value Startup Investments

As part of K Value, we understand innovation and breed it. If you’re looking for funding, these are the criterias we look for.

Ideas that connect

Strong synergies with our current clients and our industry. We also look at FinTech, IoT and e-commerce.

Are worth nothing without execution

Dedicated founders with a strong experience in the industry they are disrupting and an even faster go to market strategy.

So start today and grow exponentially

You have to be in the market and are experimenting, show us your results and tell us what works.


Pre-Seed Fund

You’ve been in operations for awhile and growing well. You need some run way before you enter your seed round to prove your hypothesis. We fund around RM100k to startups at this size.

Investment Management

As startups grow, founders find it harder and harder to fundraise with day to day operations consuming most of their time. Through our growing investor funnel, we connect your startup to 100+ investors that are looking to invest. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth process from making a deck, pitching, negotiations, due dilligence and closing.

Development Fund

You are a new startup, you have customers and are running operations manually. You’re seeking for a CTO but it’s been a tough journey because you are too early in the market. K Value can build and manage your product in exchange for equity.

Startups we have previously invested in.

Featured startups but not limited to:

Tell us more about your startup, Email your pitchdecks to [email protected]

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